About Precision Therapy of IHS

IHS Precision Therapy: San Diego’s Minimally Invasive Treatment Option

Precision Therapy is part of Imaging Healthcare Specialists, greater San Diego’s premier radiology team. The IHS Precision Therapy clinic, operating out of our Hillcrest location, provides a unique combination of medical expertise capable of accurately diagnosing and treating your condition. In addition, our 10 IHS imaging centers from Oceanside to Chula Vista provide diagnostic and women’s imaging services, as well as preventive health screenings.

We provide hope and care with Precision Therapy to enhance the wellbeing of our patients. We are patient centered, leading with innovation and serving with compassion.

What we Treat

Minimally invasive treatment options are now available. Click here to learn more about our precision therapy treatments.

How to Prepare

Precision-guided therapy at IHS is designed to give you and your doctor additional options to treat disease and painful or chronic conditions that once required open surgery or lifelong medication regimens.

Find a Radiologist

Our Interventional Radiologists use medical imaging to guide therapies from inside the body. These are just as effective, but far less invasive than the surgical option.

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