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Can I treat my fibroids WITHOUT a hysterectomy?
Yes,  you can. Learn more about Uterine Fibroid Embolization.

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Vertebral compression fractures affect 25% of all postmenopausal women and 40% of women over 80.
Learn about a minimally invasive outpatient procedure to repair painful spine fractures.

Knee pain?
Learn about how Genicular Artery Embolization can provide relief for your knee pain via a cutting-edge, minimally-invasive procedure.

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Treat Disease Less Invasively

As technology progresses, new and exciting options have emerged to treat diseases and other health conditions. The minimally invasive treatments at Southern California’s Precision Therapy, the minimally invasive division of Imaging Healthcare Specialists, are performed on an outpatient basis with a fast recovery, virtually no scarring, and a low risk of infection and side effects.

Precision Therapy Guided by Medical Imaging

The Southern California-based Precision Therapy’s interventional radiologists are specially trained and board-certified doctors who uses medical imaging (such as X-ray or CT) to guide treatment from inside the body. Using a very thin catheter introduced into a blood vessel in the arm or leg, they are able to advance this catheter through the body’s blood vessels to target the problem areas with exceptional precision.

What Treatments are Available?

From life and limb-threatening conditions like vascular disease to debilitating conditions like spine fractures, uterine fibroids and chronic pain, chances are good that there is now a minimally invasive treatment option for you offered by Precision Therapy.

Learn about all the procedures we offer as well as the conditions we treat.

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Use one of the links below to learn more about the symptoms affecting you, conditions you may have, or treatments offered by Precision Therapy to address them.

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If you are presenting symptoms, we can provide possible conditions you may be experiencing.


Learn about a wide variety of conditions including chronic pain, varicose veins, and much more.


If you are looking for a specific procedure that we offer, you can search for it here by name.

What We Treat

Minimally invasive treatment options are now available. Click here to learn more about our precision therapy treatments.

How to Prepare

Precision-guided therapy at IHS is designed to give you and your doctor additional options to treat disease and painful or chronic conditions.

Find a Radiologist

Our Interventional Radiologists use medical imaging to guide therapies from inside the body. These are just as effective, but far less invasive than the surgical option. Meet our Southern California team who have all become experts in the field.

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